Showbiz calling!

Showbiz calling!
Type of post: Choir news item
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Posted By: Amanda Fisackerly
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, 17 Feb 2024
It’s never dull at Elmbridge Choir! Out of the blue we were contacted by a local TV production company, asking if we could help with a group of our members to perform a jingle for a pitch to a national TV network for a new prime-time TV show. Of course, we can!

So, about 25 or our 100 members did their auditions at rehearsals and the next day, our MD, Hugh, working with the TV producer’s lyrics, composed and arranged the music to meet the TV producer’s brief for the sound and look required.

Barely a week later, there we were in a walk-through with the star and the production company, singing the jingle and standing in as the show’s celebrities and contestants. The next day, due to the train strike we couldn’t go to the full run-through at the TV network studios, instead, we recorded the jingle locally, ready to be packaged up with the rest of the footage for the TV network to review.

We had very positive feedback from the production company saying "loved the sound,  loved the look, the energy in the room was great" and "lovely sound wafting upstairs, we should start every day like this".

Now we wait and see what happens! Whatever the outcome, it's been a great opportunity for our choir and a chance for our members to participate again in the world of TV and entertainment.