Thinking of joining?

Whether experienced or not, even if you have never sung before but want to give it a try, we invite you to apply for membership. We do not audition. Being a member of Elmbridge Choir is really a work of love and just needs your time and dedication. 

Essentially all you need is a desire to have fun, to be part of a thriving organisation and to make a difference in other people's lives through charity fundraising and supporting community causes.

We allow a generous 4-week 'taster' period, free of charge, for you to decide if we are the right choir for you and there is absolutely no obligation to join at the end of it (although we hope you will!). 

Our annual subscription is £160 and we rehearse throughout the year - not just during 'term time' - although we do take a break for most of August, over Christmas/new year and, occasionally, directly after a big concert.  For a typical year of 44 rehearsals, that works out at around £3.60 per rehearsal - and for that you also get free printed scores and access to a host of online learning resources, such as song 'teach tracks'.

Interested? You can either CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US (please include your name, email address and contact number) or call us on 07562 091151. Our Membership Officer will be very happy to tell you a little bit about us and to invite you along to a rehearsal. If you email us and haven't heard back within a few days, please check your Spam/Junk folder as emails can, unfortunately, go astray in the ether. That's why it's particularly helpful if you could include a contact number as well, so we can be sure of getting in touch.

You are assured of a warm and friendly welcome!

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